Covrigi cu sare / Homemade soft pretzels

Homemade soft pretzel recipe

Covrigii in stil bavarez imi aduc aminte de perioada in care mergeam foarte des in Germania, in delegatie. Ii savuram dimineata, la pranz si seara in diferite forme.

EN: Bavarian style pretzels remind me of the time I used to travel to Germany for work. I enjoyed eating them at breakfast, at lunch or dinner, in all their shapes.

Nu m-am gandit niciodata sa incerc sa-i fac acasa, m-am gandit ca e complicat si trebuie cuptor special. Dar daca nu experimentez acum, cand stam mai mult in casa, atunci cand? 😀

EN: I never thought about baking them at home, I was convinced it’s complicated and I need a special oven for it. But then I thought, if I don’t try it now that I’m mostly home because of the quarantine, then when? 😀

Am cautat retete, am citit tips & tricks si am incercat sa adaptez la nevoile mele, si anume mi-am propus sa fac doar 4 bucati. Logica adoptata – sa nu muncesc prea mult, in caz ca nu ies, dar nici sa ma ingras in caz ca ies prea buni si nu vreau sa-i impart cu nimeni 😀 . Win-win!

EN: And then I started looking for different recipes, read tips & tricks and adjusted the recipe to make 4 pretzels. My thinking was – if they go to waste at least I didn’t spend too much time to make them; if they are too good and I don’t want to share them, at least I didn’t get fat 😀 . Win-win!


  • 10 linguri faina

  • 2 linguri ulei de floarea soarelui

  • 1/2 lingurita sare

  • 150 ml apa

  • 5g drojdie uscata

  • 1 lingurita zahar

  • sare de mare grunjoasa pentru decor

  • Pentru fiert
  • 50g bicarbonat de sodiu

  • 3l apa


  • Am preparat drojdia: am incalzit cei 150ml apa si am dat deoparte; am adaugat zaharul si drojdia si am amestestecat; am lasat 5 minute ca drojdia sa se activeze.
  • Intr-un bol, am cernut faina si am adaugat sarea.
  • Am adaugat drojdia si uleiul si am framantat cu mana vreo 10-15 minute pana cand am obtinut un aluat tare si nelipicios.
  • Am lasat aluatul la dospit pana si-a dublat volumul (aproximativ o ora).
  • Am impartit aluatul in 4 si am inceput sa formez covrigii.
  • Am pus apa la fiert si cand a dat in clocot, am adaugat bicarbonatul de sodiu.
  • Am adaugat covrigii (in cazul meu doar cate 2 au incaput in cratita) in apa clocotita si i-am lasat cam 30-40 de secunde.
  • Am asezat covrigii intr-o tava tapetata cu hartie de copt si i-am decorat cu sare de mare.
  • Am bagat tava in cuptorul preincalzit la 200°C timp de 20 minute.
  • Soft pretzel recipe - ingredients
  • Homemade pretzel dough
  • Homemade pretzel dough after
  • Homemade pretzel dough ready to shape
  • Homemade pretzel dough - shape in the making
  • Homemade pretzel baking soda bath
  • Homemade pretzel ready for oven
  • Homemade pretzel fresh out of the oven


  • 10 Tbsp all-purpose flour

  • 2 Tbsp vegetable oil

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • 150 ml water

  • 5g dry yeast

  • 1 tsp sugar

  • coarse sea salt for sprinkling

  • For the bath
  • 50g baking soda

  • 3l water


  • Start with the yeast: warm 150ml of water and set aside; add sugar and the dry yeast and stir together. Let it cool for 5 minutes.
  • In a bowl, sift the flour and add the salt.
  • Add the yeast and the oil and mix the ingredients. I used my hands to knead the dough, for about 10-15 minutes until the dough was shinny and smooth.
  • Let the dough aside until double in size (for about an hour).
  • Split the dough in 4 and start shaping the pretzels. I used the traditional way.
  • Boil the water and add the baking soda for the baking soda bath.
  • Drop the pretzels (one at a time of how many fit in the pan) in the backing soda bath, and boil for 30-40 seconds.
  • Place them onto a baking sheet and sprinkle with sea salt.
  • Bake for 20 minutes at 200°C.


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