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Funny … si nu prea!

Ca tot vine weekend-ul 😀 .

What if Drivers were hired like Programmers?

Sursa: 9gag

Geeky Stuff

Same same but different (Source:   Programming Humour

Tester vs. Programmer

This always happens…

Holiday Workout

Hot / Crazy Matrix

This guy discovered the formula for finding the perfect wife. This video is hilarious! “Below 4 crazy and above 8 hot you’re probably talking to a dude” haha! And here’s a funny response to the video above from a woman’s point

Yes, size matters!

The Naked Truth

Yet Another Myth Busted

For those of you who think it’s not possible to burn 800 calories in 30 minutes … here’s the proof 😀

True Fact

This just made my day! 😀 . It made me miss my QA team…

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