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Delta Dunarii / The Danube Delta

Greu a fost sa-l conving pe *le husband sa mergem in Delta, dar am reusit 😀 . Si zic eu ca si lui i-a placut, desi nu recunoaste pe deplin 🙂 . Singura mea dezamagire a fost ca nu am

Happy wife, Happy life

Mexic, in sfarsit! 😀 pam pam pam … Facebook0TwitterGoogle+0Pinterest0email

Cape Town, South Africa

From the poorest people living in townships with no electricity and running water to wealthy neighbourhoods and amazing views Cape Town is a mixture of cultures and colours, an amazing place to visit. Facebook0TwitterGoogle+0Pinterest0email


We recently went to an unexpected and unplanned vacation. Don’t get me wrong, the vacation was planned but not for Istanbul. I was hoping I would be lying down on a beach drinking cerveza somewhere in Mexico right now and

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